Wishing You a Happy New Year! Reflecting on a Year of Defying the Mafia’s Grip


30 December 2023

As we usher in the new year, we extend our warmest wishes by revisiting the significant milestones in our purdsuit to prevent and combat the scourge of Mafia extortion and usury. Throughout the past twelve months, we have challenged the influence of the Mafia, working tirelessly to dismantle its grip on our communities.

Our commitment goes beyond mere opposition; it is a defiance against the very culture of the Mafia, an ideology that stifles freedom and democracy. The fight against extortion is a fight for liberty and justice, a battle we’ve waged passionately in the face of adversity.

Addiopizzo operates concretely by providing free assistance to victims of Mafia coercion and supporting those who resist. We stand as a glimmer of hope for those affected, offering practical support and resources to rebuild lives impacted by organized crime.

Additionally, we champion the cause through our “Mafia-free” business network, promoting critical consumption. Businesses that join this network take a stand against paying protection money to the Mafia. By choosing to support these establishments, consumers become active contributors to the fight against the Mafia’s influence.

In a city as complex as Palermo, our work extends beyond direct confrontation. Social inclusion and urban regeneration are integral components of our efforts to defy the Mafia’s influence. We believe that by fostering inclusivity and revitalizing urban spaces, we create environments that reject the toxic grip of organized crime, offering citizens the opportunity to thrive independently.

Before we embark on the adventures that 2024 holds, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have aided us. Whether you’ve lent a helping hand as volunteers, amplified our campaign’s visibility, or supported us from near or far with both small and substantial monetary contributions, your collective efforts have propelled our cause forward. Addiopizzo thrives because of your generosity, dedication, and belief in a Mafia-free future.

In 2024, we anticipate another pivotal year, made even more significant as we commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Addiopizzo. With this spirit of defiance and resilience, we renew our wishes for a Happy New Year.

Wishing you a year filled with courage, progress, and the triumph of justice over oppression!

Here is a non-exhaustive list, in random order, of activities that Addiopizzo has carried out during this year and the achievements accomplished, also thanks to your support:

5x1000 Addiopizzo
Rete imprese PIZZO-FREE
addiopizzo travel
addiopizzo store


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