The activists of Addiopizzo are back on the streets of Palermo with a new message


29 June 2024

“Attacchinaggi” (“poster-sticking actions”) is how we have referred to our repeated semi-clandestine nocturnal activities, where many activists simultaneously put up hundreds of stickers with anti-mafia slogans. Last night, we did it again to renew a tradition and to launch a new message.
Over these twenty years, there have been countless occasions when we covered the city of Palermo with stickers in the middle of the night.

From the historic center to Brancaccio, from Noce to San Lorenzo, and through Resuttana, Pagliarelli, and many other areas of the city, our messages aimed to stimulate reflection. Twenty years later, our main targets were Via Maqueda, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Emerico Amari, and Via Isidoro La Lumia. Well known to the people of Palermo, these streets in the town center are the focal point of the city’s cultural and economic life. In recent years, these areas have seen significant redevelopment and have become popular with tourists, contributing to a new economic landscape.
These are places that, in the past ten years, have undergone unprecedented urban, productive, and social transformations in Palermo’s history. This transformation has generated a new and significant economy centered on tourism in the historic center. From these streets, we wish to renew our historical message and pose a question to the public, the economic community, and the political class of this city—a question that is far from rhetorical. We do not pretend to have the answers but aim, once again, to spark reflection.
What kind of economy for Via Maqueda?
What kind of economy for Corso Vittorio Emanuele?
What kind of economy for Via Amari?
What kind of economy for Via La Lumia?


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Today, Saturday, June 29, the inauguration of the exhibition “ADDIOPIZZO 20” is scheduled at the No Mafia Memorial, located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 353.
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