28 November 2017

Country Walkers and VBT, both market leaders in active international travel, contribute to the Antimafia campaign in Sicily.

cwOver the last three years, the American tour operator Country Walkers, specialized in walking and experiential tours, has offered donations to Addiopizzo on behalf of their clients visiting Sicily. This season they brought approximately 100 travelers.

We want to express our gratitude to them for supporting our cause. It is rewarding to see their interest and appreciation for our efforts to combat the influence of the Mafia. Country Walkers and its clients play an important role in supporting our Antimafia campaign and strengthening Sicily’s global reputation.

VBT-400x282Starting in 2018, Country Walkers’ sister company, VBT, a market leader in cycling tours, will launch a similar travel sustainability program. The Otago Traveler’s Fund aims to uphold responsible tourism as one of the travel company’s core principles. Addiopizzo has been chosen as the local initiative to be supported in Sicily.


Thank you to all our American supporters!


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